Address Wadomari, Wadomari-cho,Oshima-gun,Kagoshima Pref. JAPAN 891-9112
TEL +81-(0)997-92-1283
FAX +81-(0)997-92-1831
ACCESS 15 mins from Okinoerabu airport by car,5 mins from Wadomari ferry port by car



Travel by airplane

The fastest route: Transfer at Kagoshima airport from each city to Okinoerabu island.
It takes about 1hour and 20mins from Kagoshima airport to Okinoerabu airport.
3 flights per day by Japan Air Commuter

The length of time from each city to Kagoshima airport by airplane

Tokyo-Kagoshima 2hours/JAL・ANA
Osaka(Itami) -Kagoshima 1hour 20mins/JAL・ANA
Nagoya(Chubu)-Kagoshima 1hour 20mins/JAL・ANA・LCC
Fukuoka-Kagoshima 1hour/JAC

Travel by airplane + ferry

The fastest route :Travel by airplane from each city to Okinawa(Naha airport) and take a ferry at Naha ferry terminal to Okinoerabu island.
From Okinawa(Naha) to Okinoerabu island, it takes 7hours by ferry.(one ferry per day)

There are different ferry companies operating each day.
From Kagoshima to Okinawa(Naha) route /one ferry per day
From Okinawa(Naha) to Kagosima route /one ferry per day
Ferry Companies:A Line/ Marix Line

The length of time from each city to Naha airport by airplane

Tokyo-Naha airport 2hours 30mins/JAL・ANA・LCC
Osaka(Itami)-Naha airport 2hours 15mins/JAL・ANA・LCC
Nagoya(Chubu)-Naha airport 2hours 20mins/JAL・ANA・LCC
Fukuoka-Naha airport 1hour 45mins/JAC・LCC

If you transfer at Amami-Oshima airport, transfer a flight at Amami airport or take a ferry at Naze port in Amami-Oshima to Okinoerabu island. It takes 5hours 40mins to Okinoerabu(Wadomari) port by ferry.