Kochinda Hotel is a cozy hotel with only 12 rooms on a small island.
Right in the heart of the hotel is a patio with banyan tree, surrounded by a corridor with tables and chairs.
Have a cup of coffee here, and look up at the sky.
Let’s talk about your journey.
“Will it be sunny tomorrow?”



Room type Number of room Room size
Single room 7 rooms 12.9㎡
Double room with terrace 1 rooms 16.0㎡
Standard Twin room 2 rooms 19.2㎡
Twin room with terrace 2 rooms 22.5㎡

Kochinda Hotel Rates

  • Room rates are subject to change depending on the date of your stay and reservation.
  • Room rates can be found on the reservation page. >>reservation page
  • Please call us if you wish to make a reservation the day before or on the day of your stay.
  • To be placed on the waiting list, please call 0997-92-1283. We will contact you only when there is a cancellation. You may decide whether you wish to use the service when we contact you.

Accommodation for Children

  • If the bed is occupied by one person, the child is charged the same rate as an adult.
  • Children of elementary school age and younger may sleep with one person per bed (free of charge). (No towels, toiletries, etc. will be provided for this child.)
  • If you let us know in advance, we will make arrangements such as putting the beds together.

Cancellation fee

Please note that cancellation fees are set at the following rates for the room charge.
No-show without notice: 100% of the room charge; on the day of arrival: 80% of the room charge; the day before: 50% of the room charge.2-3 days prior 30% of room charge
<Telephone service is available from 7:00 to 21:00.>

No Smoking

The entire premises of Kochinda Hotel, including the terrace, bathrooms, corridors, and courtyard, are non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area. If you violate this rule, you will be asked to leave the hotel immediately and will be charged an additional room cleaning fee and 20,000 yen for the next guest. The same will apply if any evidence of smoking is found in the room.

For the accommodation reservation form, go to the *external reservation-only website.


Okinoerabu island

Okinoerabu Island is part of the Amami Islands in Kagoshima prefecture. Similar to Okinawa it is located inside a subtropical climate zone. The average annual temperature is 22 degrees. The island is formed from elevated coral reefs. The population is approximately 12,000. The perimeter of the island is 55.8km and takes roughly an hour to cover by car. This Island is well known for its agriculture. Potatoes and sugar cane are the island’s main farm produce. It is also famous for its Erabu lilies(Easter lilies). The flower blooms between April and May. Scuba diving and caving are some of the island’s most popular activities. The island boasts of clear blue seas and skies, dazzling sunshine, and an un-touched nature.

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